Whether on water or on land, there are several ways to enjoy the Werribee River up close.

Let yourself take in the bends and shallows, and make sure you plan repeat visits.

The river has a life of its own through the year, and can reveal itself in innumerable ways.
A photogenic landscape for living in the moment.

By canoe or kayak

Take your own canoe or kayak to Riverbend Historical Park. There is an access point with a platform. Paddle upriver for a gentle exploration, taking in the stands of river red gum and blue-boxes, as well as wattles and other shrubs. As the suburban sounds give way to rustling leaves and bird calls, spend time reflecting on what this waterway might have looked like two centuries ago. What would be needed to make sure the Werribee River is enjoyed for generations to come?

At water level, urban life disappears.

By fishing boat

The popular boat ramp at Werribee South Foreshore is a perfect launch point if you feel like taking the fishing rods out of storage. You can drop a line in the calm shallows or venture further into the deep. Bream, flathead, and snapper are some of species commonly caught.

Do be mindful of the pelicans, cormorants and other waterbirds that share this estuary-enriched coastal area. Properly disposing fishing lines, hooks and other rubbish means that wildlife in this ecosystem can continue to thrive.

If you simply wish to go boating, you can follow the shoreline eastward, past the Wyndham Harbour north beach breakwater (rock walls), the brightly painted beach-shacks Campbells Cove, and onto the largest protected marine park in Victoria, Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary. If you’re extremely lucky, you might even get to say hello to passing dolphins.

At Werribee South, there is a BBQ area and nearby Anglers Anchorage cafe, so you can spend a day on water without being too far from tucker.

Set out for the bay from the Werribee South boat ramp.

By bicycle

There are a number of paved tracks that can take you down the length of the lower Werribee. Most bike trails are shared with pedestrians, so mind the bell and give a friendly wave as you slide past. Don’t forget to slow your roll so you can relish the views on offer.

Popular bike trails

Werribee River Trail (2-8km return)

Wyndham Bay Trail (5km)

Federation Bike Trail (24km)

Make your way around the network of bridges and discover new angles.

On foot

While wheels can take you quickly from point to point, a slow stroll can be quite worthwhile. After all, the Werribee River does not run straight! It curves in many places, contracting and widening as it makes its way to the bay. This makes for picturesque views and tucked-away spots, all ready to be discovered.

Going on foot fosters a sense of intimacy with nature: it lets you notice the behavioural patterns of birds and other wildlife, and the rhythm of plants from season to season. If you’re at the right place at the right time, you might even spot a platypus.

For more detailed information on designated paths in the City of Wyndham, go to: Bike Paths & Walking Trails.

See the riverine environment through a young person's eyes.

At the gym

Wyndham Park has several pieces of outdoor equipment to stretch those muscles. There are two gym stations featuring a pull-up bar, chest press, log roll, Roman rings, and other standard installations. Why test your fitness indoors when you can have fresh air?

For more outdoor gym locations across Wyndham City, check their website.

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