Family Day Out

Planning a family day out by the Werribee River is too easy. From laid-back picnics to bike rides, there is more than enough to fill time under the majestic river red gums.


On the Move

Whether on water or on land, there are several ways to enjoy the Werribee River up close. Let yourself take in the bends and shallows, and make sure you plan repeat visits!

Hidden Gems

Many special spots along the river are not immediately obvious. You would have to get up close—which means getting out of the car!

Wild River

The river and its banks form a busy network of 'highways' for wildlife: from fish to birds, as well as reptiles and invertebrates.

Top 5 Views

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Food + Art Trail

Make a trail of the public art dotted around the area, and pair each piece with nearby refreshments.

River Stories

The river comes to life, and is kept alive, through stories. Whether in tall tales or brief anecdotes, it gives everyone a strong sense of place.


The Werribee River withstands ongoing pressure from human activity. Learn about community conservation efforts to restore and protect it.

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