What makes it special

The shallow waters and sandy spit at Werribee South foreshore are a haven for seabirds. Pelicans, cormorants, terns, and gannets are among the species that have been seen here. 

Of course, it’s a great spot for people, too, with sections for leisure that extend from the boat ramp to the beach, then on to Wyndham Harbour.

The estuary channel can be a tranquil spot to drop anchor on a warm afternoon. The western aspect makes for stunning views across the bay at sunset, with the silhouette of the You Yangs in the distance.

The area becomes a hub of activity particularly in summer, with its boating facilities in high demand. Anglers often station themselves on the jetty or on the sand.

With an array of facilities for families, a day can easily be filled entirely at Werribee South Foreshore.

Werribee South boat ramp is a popular spot for launching into the bay.

Things you can do

  • Take your boat, canoe, or kayak for a spin and take advantage of the launch facilities.
  • Try your luck with a fishing line from the jetty.
  • Bring something for the BBQ and fire it up for a lunch picnic. As an alternative, cross to Anglers Anchorage at O’Connors Rd for cafe offerings and coffee.
  • Hop on the bike and follow the Wyndham Bay Trail to Wyndham Harbour, or go for a more leisurely walk to take in the ships that regularly cross the water from the Port of Melbourne.
  • Beachcombers can idly pass the time inspecting the varieties of shell and seaweed that get strewn on the shore.
  • Enjoy a day at the beach, and take advantage of the patrolled sections during the peak of summer.
The unobstructed view to the west is spectacular at dusk, and a satisfying way to finish the day.
Wyndham Bay Trail to Werribee South Foreshore

Getting there and around

Beach Rd, Werribee South

There are parking areas at the main foreshore hub/ramp, as well as along Beach Rd (facing the bay).

Check out the Victoria Walks map of the Wyndham Bay Trail.

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