What makes it special

Cobbledick’s Ford is a secluded reserve on 24 hectares, with an open area protected by shrubs and trees, including impressive specimens of river red gums.

The park is named after a bluestone ford that was built by early settlers to facilitate the movement of cattle. Samuel Cobbledick came from a whaling family in western Victoria and leased the property as a dairy farm. You can check out a video clip of the new fishway in the Hidden Gems page.

It may be hard to tell now, but the dairy industry was a significant segment of the Werribee district economy until the 20th century, supported by a then-wetter climate and the invention of refrigeration. Those with a keen eye might spot the ruins of a bluestone farmhouse high up on the escarpment.

The escarpment itself, and the region in general, point to significant volcanic activity millions of years ago. 

The Werribee Blue-box, a unique and endangered subspecies of Eucalypt, is closely associated with Cobbledick’s Ford. In recent years, Wyndham City has installed protective fencing around individuals so they can self-seed. City environment crews, along with Friends of Cobbledick’s Ford, have also conducted regular plantings of indigenous grasses, rushes and lilies to restore habitat.

Learn more on the Wyndham History website.

The historical crossing set with bluestone pavers, which impeded the movement of fish in the river. This was remedied in 2022 with a fishway constructed by Melbourne Water.

Things you can do

  • Take a tranquil walk through the reserve. The dirt path along the Werribee River provides a close view of its bends and riffles.
  • It is a good area for observing birds, with various wrens likely to stop you in your tracks. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Dusky Woodswallows and Tawny Frogmouths have been spotted here, too.
  • There are flat grassy areas bounded by trees that make for a lovely afternoon picnic.
The afternoon glow at Cobbledick's Ford Reserve.
1000 Cobbledick's Ford Rd, Mount Cottrell VIC

Getting there and around

Address: 1000 Cobbledick’s Ford Rd, Mount Cottrell VIC

It is advisable to approach the reserve from the east via Dukelows Rd, rather than the western crossing, as river flows can be unsafe for vehicles. This crossing is currently closed off, and may not be reopened. There is ample parking at the entrance.

Please note that there are no public toilets on-site. You are also expected to take your rubbish with you when you leave, to keep the area pristine for both wildlife and people.

Check out the trail using the Victoria Walks map.

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