What makes it special

Werribee River opens like a little cove at Bungey’s Hole in Chirnside Park, offering one of the best views across the water. This spot was an important source of fresh water both before and after colonisation, and carries some mystique in the contradictions about its name and depth.

In one story, an Aboriginal man named Budgel Carnie, told mapmakers that it is where the bunyip lives. In a different tale, a white man called Bungey met a tragic watery end there. It may simply be the case that Bungey is a loanword from the shared Kulin name for the Wedge Tailed Eagle, the creator Bunjil. Across the volcanic plains that harboured small to medium sized native prey animals, wedge-tailed eagles would have been a more common sight than today.

Because Bungey’s Hole was such a reliable source of water during settlement, it gave rise to folklore that it was bottomless. One account in the 1970s put it at 30 metres deep. In 1984, members of the Williamstown Divers’ Club finally established that the natural pool had a depth of 10 metres at the centre. Learn more about Bungeys Hole on the Hidden Gems page.

The Chirnside precinct is still where people put things to the test, being the home-ground of the Werribee Football Club, and the location of an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and lawn bowl facilities. A bluestone building housing Werribee & District Anglers Club can also be found here.

Things you can do

  • The secluded backdrop at Bungey’s Hole makes for the best selfies!
  • Drop a fishing line from the riverbank or while on a kayak. If out at dawn and dusk, keep an eye out for platypus.
  • Slow down and watch the ducks for the day. Listen out for Kookaburras, White-Plumed Honeyeater and other birds that share this riparian ecosystem.
  • Become a citizen scientist and join Werribee River Association on their monthly Water Watch activity, monitoring water quality at Bungey’s.
Test out your new kayak or canoe with a buddy at Bungey's Hole.
Watton St, Werribee

Getting there and around

Watton St, Werribee

Chirnside Park Precinct has public parking spaces at the outdoor pool, tennis and lawn bowls hub, as well as near Bungey’s Hole. Just follow the driveway into the complex.

Public toilets are available in the playground area of Chirnside Park.

There is a paved walking/biking track adjacent to Weribee River that takes you north to Wyndham Park onwards, and south toward Werribee River Regional Park past the Maltby Bypass.

You can use the Victoria Walks map of Werribee Central as a guide.

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